Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Can I Wax my Vinyl Wrap?

It is okay to use nonabrasive wax products on gloss finishes.

You cannot use any wax or wax like products on satin, matte, and textured vinyl wrap films.

You can Ceramic Coat satin and matte films as well as gloss finishes. We highly recommend this as it provides additional UV protection, stain resistance and depth on vinyl all while making those delicate finishes easier to wash and care for.

Can I Wax my PPF?

If you wax, polish, or ”buff” your vehicle there are a few items worth noting. You can wax your car with a nonabrasive products. The use of abrasive compounds on the paint protection film will break down the top layers of the film voiding any warranty.

Will Ceramic or Glass Coating protect my car from scratches?

While ceramic and glass coatings provide amazing UV, stain and chemical resistance , it will not protect your vehicle from scratches. If you are looking to protect your paint from impacts, scratches and abrasions Paint Protection or PPF (clear bra, clear mask, clear wrap etc...) is going to be the best bet.

I see bubbles in my PPF will that go away?

As mentioned above the first short period the film is curing, you may notice some bubbles or a slight haze in the film but that is nothing to worry about as the moisture will evaporate through the pores of the film in the next 2-3 weeks. Bubbles can appear and disappear due to the wet method of installation along with weather and temperature changes.

How long should I wait to wash my car after Clear Bra or PPF installation?

Please do not wash your car in the first 7 days after installation, the moisture inbetween the film and the paint surface is still evaporating, the edges are also drying so that the adhesive can stick to the paint correctly. The use of soaps, car washes, pressure washers will hinder the edges to set correctly.

Once the film has cured, you are able to wash the car as normal (if possible use the two bucket method and a microfiber wash mitt), if using a pressure washer insure that you keep the spray lance at least 3 feet away from the surface of the film especially the edges as the pressure may lift the edge of the film

How long does vinyl wrapping a car last?

Each manufacturer has material data sheets that can be provided upon request. Within each manufacturer they have their own recommendations for longevity or durability. In most cases its 3-5 years but it’s always best to know which specific materials you will be using as similar colors and finishes can have different ratings

How long does it take to wrap my car?

In most cases we can complete full vehicle color changes in 7-14 business days.

How much does it cost to vinyl wrap my car?

On average our full car vinyl wrap is usually around $4000-6000 installed for most vehicles, colors and finishes. Vinyl wrap projects can range from a few hundred dollars up into the tens of thousands.

There is a lot of factors to consider when budgeting for a project like vinyl wrapping your vehicle. What type of material? Size or amount of material needed to fully wrap your vehicle? What color is the paint we are attempting to hide and last but not least, complexity of vehicle for both removal and installation as well as vinyl wrap installation. For the best estimate we recommend setting up a wrap consultation to show you color options, inspect your vehicles condition and look for any potential issues that may need addressed.

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