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What is PPF and why do I need it?

Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra

Paint protection film or "PPF" (Clear Mask, Clear Bra, Clear Wrap) is a transparent, nearly invisible polyurethane adhesive backed film. Once applied to your vehicles surface it forms a sacrificial layer between your paint and environmental contaminates, flying debris, light scratches and abrasions.

Simply put these films can be thought of as a "screen protector" for your cars paint. This film is designed to absorb damage the same way the screen protector protects your screen and prevents costly and time consuming repairs. In most cases if the film is damaged we can remove the damaged PPF, re-apply, and send you on you way in the same day! Avoiding time consuming body shop repairs that can take weeks or months to complete, at a fraction of the cost.

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Colorado Protection Package

Our Colorado package is a must for anyone purchasing a new vehicle! We include a full front bumper, headlights, fog lights, side mirrors and partial coverage on the hood and fenders covering the most vulnerable areas subjected to rock and stone chips.


Full Front End Package

Our most popular package. Love the protection, but hate the line? Then the Full Front End Package is for you! We cover the full front bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors headlights and fog lights. This is the recommended coverage for cars and small SUV's with lower profiles that are driven regularly and subjected to harsh Colorado winters.

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Full Vehicle Coverage

Entire vehicle is wrapped with paint protection film. Bumper to bumper coverage for the ultimate level of protection. Ask us about our satin and designer PPF! All the benefits of the standard clear bra but in a satin finish. Give your vehicle a sleek luxurious look with this PPF that's guaranteed to set your car apart!


Designer Finishes

We many finish options for paint protection film! From satin to color shifting and even carbon fiber options available you are no longer handcuffed to the standard gloss clear finish. Whether you have a specialty OEM paint finish like a satin or matte finish, or you just want to change the look and attitude of your vehicle with maximum protection you can now have the best of both worlds giving your vehicle a unique look AND the ultimate level of protection for your vehicle!


Gloss Carbon Fiber

Paint Protection Film

Check out this Tesla Model Y hood we wrapped in our Gloss Carbon Fiber paint protection film! By far the most realistic faux carbon fiber wrap out there! All the benefits of a clear bra with the addition of the wow factor! Make your car, truck, or Tesla stand out!

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Full Hood PPF

Starting at $485.00


Full Front Bumper

Starting at $625.00


Basic PPF Package

Starting at $875.00


Full Front End PPF Package

Starting at $1,895.00


Headlight PPF

Starting at $100.00


Tinted Headlight PPF

Starting at $175.00


Rocker Panel PPF

Starting at $485.00


Full Vehicle Gloss PPF

Starting at $4,500.00


Full Vehicle Wrap Gloss PPF (SUV & Truck)

Starting at $6,500.00

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