Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic Coating in Fort Collins

What is ceramic coating & why do I need it?

A ceramic coating, or glass coating is a permanent clear liquid that’s applied to your vehicles paint. It can be thought of like an additional layer of clear coat, only this liquid forms a shield over your vehicles paint, plastic, wheels, glass, and even brake calipers!

Ceramic coatings provide unmatched protection from environmental contaminates, harmful UV damage, bug guts, acid, even paint! Plus it makes your car easier to clean than ever before with its hydrophobic self-cleaning properties!

Ceramic Coating Benefits


Unlike waxes and sealants the ceramic coatings will last years, not weeks or months.

Hydrophobic Properties

Ceramic coatings higher contact angle means its more hydrophobic than waxes or sealants making it easier to clean and maintain than waxed paint. Things like dirt, bird poop, bugs, tar and even spray paint wont firmly stick to a ceramic coated surface.

Chemical Resistance

Ceramic coating forms a chemically resistant barrier on your vehicles paint unparalleled with wax or sealants.

Heat Resistance

Ceramic Pro is heat resistant up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit which means Ceramic Pro can be applied to things like brake calipers, wheels, or even exhausts without melting off like wax would… Imagine hosing off brake dust without scrubbing it, that is now possible thanks to advances in vehicle protection technology in the form of ceramic coatings!

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Sport Package

Includes a full exterior detail, chemical decontamination, clay bar, paint correction and application of Ceramic Pro Sport to exterior paint, plastics, windshield and wheel faces. Starts at 199$

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Full Vehicle Coating Package

A must have for any new (or new to you) vehicle. We start off this package with a full exterior hand wash, chemical decontamination and clay bar treatment. Followed up with a paint correction to enhance the vehicles paint to its fullest potential. Once the paint is perfected we apply our two part ceramic coating to the vehicles exterior paint, plastics, wheel faces, and glass.

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Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Ceramic Coating

Say goodbye to bug and mag-chloride stains and hello to easy washes and keeping your vinyl or PPF clean and looking its best!

Wheel & Caliper Coatings

Wheel & Caliper Coatings

Tired of scrubbing brake dust every time you wash? Have us ceramic coat your wheels and factory painted brake calipers with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper. This coating is heat resistant up to 2300* Celsius making it perfect for brakes and hard to clean wheels!


Ceramic Coating -Full Vehicle Package

Starting at $1,500.00 for sedans.


Interior Ceramic Coating

Starting at $400.00

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