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4 Things that Can Silently Be Ruining Your Car

Cars are expensive. Knowing that, it's important to protect your investment by keeping it in top condition. This is especially true when you consider the fact that ceramic coatings can offer durability and protection from corrosion and rust! In this post, we will give you 4 things to look out for so you know if the car you drive is being ruined - even if nothing seems wrong on the surface.

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Exterior Dirt and Debris

First, make sure to take care of the windows and exterior body. Dirt and debris from the road, as well as bird droppings and pollen, can quickly build up on your car's exterior. This means regularly washing your car with ceramic coatings-friendly soap or nonabrasive cleaners (that won't take off any existing ceramic coating), as well as waxing/sealing it on a regular basis.


Sun Damage

Direct sun light is unavoidable unless you plan to keep your car in the garage all year round but it can still damage your car's exterior. With more exposure the molecule's in your car's pain break down over time causing it to fade and look dull with time. Ceramic coatings offer the most effective UV protection to keep your car looking new for longer.


Scratches and Swirl Marks

Over time your car is going to see some wear and tear. Even things as innocent as improper washing or road debris will cause your car to collect scratches overtime. Swirl marks from improper cleaning and drying are harder to see but will contribute to your car looking older and it's paint duller with time.

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Worn Down Ceramic Coating

Fourth, take care of the ceramic coating underneath. Remember that ceramic coatings are mainly for protecting your car from rust and corrosion! If you drive through puddles or snow without taking precautions (such as using a squeegee to remove water), the paint will wear down over time - especially if it is not waxed/sealed regularly.

Ceramic coatings are great at protecting your car from rust and corrosion. That means you need to make sure it is clean (washing with ceramic coating-friendly soap or nonabrasive cleaners, waxing/sealing on a regular basis), keep an eye out for pitting or corrosion in tires/rims, and stay on top of maintenance schedules, so get your free quote today!